english pronunciation

english pronunciation

10 Words You Mispronounce That Make People Think

10 Words You Mispronounce That Make People Think

You’re an Idiot –

10 Words You Mispronounce That Make People Think

Think you say athlete, nuclear, or candidate correctly? For the sake of the English language, double-check to make sure.

As for how to accurately pronounce the pronunciation “library”, “February”, “arctic”, we will not waste time on classes in elementary school, but discussing the library, the first “r”, it is very likely that your friends and colleagues are laughing over their backs.
I will not annoy you in a lecture which said that some words that you actually use are not words. If you use words like “snuck,” “brang,” or “irregardardless” (none of them is a real word), you cannot solve your problem.
I do this to provide a rudimentary form of assistance in terms of correct pronunciation of common words that appear in your daily life. These hints will not block transactions with interviews or dates of employment (especially the “date” scenario), but if misinformation was a potential wound on your armor, you The problem will soon be resolved.
So, in order for you to be sufficiently knowledgeable about your language, people on the Internet, see the 10 most important words you need to learn to pronounce.
1. Athlete
  • Incorrect pronunciation: ath – a – leet
  • Correct pronunciation: ath – leet
This can be especially useful at the Summer Olympics, but this is a very valuable lesson for the sporting season. This applies to “athletes” and any derivatives (vials, triathlon, decalons, etc.). Honestly, it’s also sad that we need to point this out. There is no vowel between “h” and “l” in any of these words. It never happened. Just like a dream will die.
2. Escape/espresso/et cetera
  • Incorrect pronunciation: ex – cape / ex – presso / ex – set – err – uh
  • Correct pronunciation: ess – cape / ess – presso / ett – set – err – uh
Yes, this is a 3 to 1 deal, but this is because it is quite common and can be changed very easily. For some reason, we are obsessed with changing “s” to “x” if we follow the sound of “e” in English. Please call me on the Exxon training method. These words are pronounced explicitly. Let’s respect that.
In addition, if you master the master of “espresso” and “and so on”, children in fairy tales really respect you – do you need further motivation?
3. Nuclear
  • Incorrect pronunciation: nuke – you – lerr
  • Correct pronunciation: new – clee – err
Well, this is 2012, but the president has a president who pronounces him correctly, but it still suffers from the word somehow. Like most of the words on this list, “nuclear” is written the same way as is pronounced.
4. Prescription/prerogative
  • Incorrect pronunciation: purr – scrip – shun / purr – ogg – uh – tiv
  • Correct pronunciation: pre – scrip – shun / pre – rogg – uh – tiv
I overlook the fact that many people do not seem to think exactly about the true definition of the last word (I spoke a conversation where people strangely replaced “privileges” with the words “agenda”, I had some). It sounds to ignorance in the arena of Rums. In both of these words, “r” is preceded by “e”. Please understand this fact correctly. I apologize.
5. Utmost
  • Incorrect pronunciation: up – most
  • Correct pronunciation: utt – most
With a strange twist, people actually changed the pronunciation to make the word too significant and reflect its definition. Yes, “highest” is synonymous with “maximum” (the vertical hierarchy of a particular type of Mount Olympus and the term with the word “top”), is this the second symbol? He is still “t”.
6. Candidate
  • Incorrect pronunciation: can – uh – dett
  • Correct pronunciation: can – da – dett
The study of this word will help at least make the educated sounds in your violent political discussions when we enter the elementary level thoroughly. I can not explain it more easily than once a second-grade teacher said: “You always want a good candidate for a candy date, it’s cute and simple.
7. Sherbet
  • Incorrect pronunciation: sherr – berrt
  • Correct pronunciation: sherr – bet
This was, ultimately, one of the words that the crusaders should have abandoned for justice, since the spread of ignorance, so that the dictionary can now be listed as capable of accepting erroneous pronunciation. However, “Sherbet” has only one “r”. No matter how wonderful the taste of the rainbow is, there is only one “r”.
8. Awry
  • Incorrect pronunciation: aww – ree
  • Correct pronunciation: uh – rye
Until recently, I could not even think of a situation when someone had distorted this word. I always thought it was very simple. But I talked about three different people – in the world of conversational radio, he will not say it wrong in a few months.
It is similar to the mechanism that allows people to speak in an educated manner. Do you see what I did there?
9. For all intents and purposes
  • Incorrect pronunciation: “for all intensive purposes”
  • Correct pronunciation: “for all intents and purposes”
Yes, I’m a little deceived (note that the phrases and words are not the same for posterity), but this is still a very common mistake of pronunciation. In a public forum
“Intensive” is an absolute word, but what most people are trying to do is simply intentional. There are no comments to the rumors that I often use the wrong pronunciation as a young person.
10. Often
  • Incorrect pronunciation: off – ten
  • Correct pronunciation: off – en
I haven’t come across this yet, if the red flag “I’m wrong to say something” is our language. This word and its theory of evolution in American linguistics can themselves be a cultural study.
For a while, no one knew that he was “silent.” This vile warning has been in school for many years. But the best thing is for someone to express it as the best grammatical symbol, since I decided that the abbreviation is necessary to convert the “I” into one word. Quiet “t”! “It was a glorious day.
But this pleasure was in the end. At some point, the rational people of the planet decide to turn the buffet table at a banquet for reasonable hope and encourage you to say “often” again.
I do not know whether it was caused by the desire of the original people to resist the rules of our world or the collective hatred of everything connected with the creation. But now, perhaps, the most frequent language speed shock in a hyperbolic story. And I would like to take responsibility for restoring balance.
Justin Brown is a writer and artist living in Virginia. He channels most of his mind’s molten river of creativity into his blog Esteban Was Eaten! For even more information about him, check out his website.


English Pronunciation Training | Improve Your Accent & Speak Clearly

English Pronunciation Training | Improve Your Accent & Speak Clearly

In this lesson I will explain how to use international phonetics.
Practice English Alphabet Pronunciation (IPA). You study,
If you practice using IPA, you can pronounce any English word.
Even if you have not heard the dictionary!

How to Greatly Improve Your English Pronunciation in 8 Steps

How to Greatly Improve Your English Pronunciation in 8 Steps

 I found a great article to improve English pronunciation of you.
The original Article from : Here

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation: 

8 Tips to Talk Like a Native

How to Greatly Improve Your English Pronunciation in 8 Steps

1. Learn to listen.

Before you learn to speak, you need to learn to listen. Some sounds may be difficult to hear when listening. Sleeping backs? Did he hurt his jaw and jaw? If you can hear the difference, it will make the difference easier. Those who can listen to words are easier to pronounce.

2. Notice how your mouth and lips move.

When you speak, you move your mouth. The way you move your mouth affects how you pronounce the words. The first step to correct the shape of the mouth is to notice, pay attention. There are several ways to make sure your mouth and lips are in the right shape.

Please use a mirror. This is the easiest way to tell what your mouth is doing during a call.
Put a finger in front of your lips (as you say “shh”). Do not move your fingers when you speak.

You should feel your lips leaving your fingers or pushing your fingers.
Looking at other people, I notice the shape when they say my lips and lips. Please follow your favorite TV show and movie. Can you repeat the face and sound that the actor makes?

3. Pay attention to your tongue.

The main difference between rice and lice is your tongue. When you speak, you move the tongue and distribute the sound. You would not notice without thinking. It is a good idea to understand what your language is doing to improve your pronunciation in English.

Difficult sounds made by non-native carriers are the letters “L” and “R” and the sound “TH”. Everything you say correctly is your language!

To create an “L” sound, your tongue should touch your mouth and above your mouth, right behind your teeth. Let’s try now: let’s say the word “light.” I will say this several times. I feel where your tongue is in your mouth. Please make sure it touches your mouth.

Your tongue should not touch your mouth to make an “R” sound. Return the mouth in the middle and, of course, draw a tongue next to the tongue, if you do not say anything. When you speak this sound, your lips are slightly rounded. Try at once: say the word “right” several times.

When you speak, you should feel that the air is blowing between your mouth and mouth. You should also feel that your lip will be slightly rounded at the sound.
This time for the sound “TH”. If there is no such sound in your native language, it may seem strange.

To produce this sound, place your tongue between the upper and lower teeth. Your tongue should stretch slightly between your teeth. If you blow air out of your mouth, avoid getting air between your teeth and your teeth. Try it now: say the word “think.” I repeat several times. Press the tongue between the teeth.

Because I knew where to place my language, do you hear the difference?

4. Break words down into sounds.

Words consist of syllables or parts. For example, the word “syllable” has three syllables, syl-la-ble. Transforming words into parts facilitates pronunciation.

To see the number of syllables included in the word, place your hand under the chin. Say the word slowly. Every time your chin touches your hand, it’s a syllable.

You can also partially write the word. Place a space or draw a line between each syllable (for each syllable at least one vowel is required: a, e, i, o, u, y). Say the word now. Please stop slowly after each syllable. Isn’t that so easy?

5. Add stress to sounds and words.

English is the language of stress. That is, some words and sounds are more important than others. You can hear it when you say the words loudly. For example, the word “enter” sounds finally energized, so it sounds like that. “In-Tro-Duce”

Sometimes a place where stress puts on words that can change the meaning of words. Speaking of “presentation”, I am talking about a “noun”, meaning “this moment” or “gift.” If you say “Present”, you are talking about a verb. It means “give or see.”

There is a rule in which every stress puts stress. There is one rule:

Most of the two syllable nouns are underlined in the first syllable, and the majority of the two syllable verbs are underlined in the second syllable.
This is another example. The noun “ADDress” is where you live, and the verb “addRESS” should speak to someone.

If this seems too complicated, do not worry about learning all these rules. The best way to learn is to listen and practice. Please remember that most English speakers do not know the rules. They say that “the sound is right.” If you exercise enough, you can get the right sound.

The proposals also present stress. A few words are more important and speak with clarity and power than the rest of the text. Read this sentence: “I ate butter toast in the morning”

Sentences should be heard like this. (Bold words – underlined words): “I ate buttered toast in the morning.” How do you slow down and become something important every time you become an important word?

Let’s continue to read aloud, talk, listen to places where other people are stressed when talking.

6. Use pronunciation podcasts and videos.

There are some great video and audio guides for English pronunciation that you can use to improve.

7. Record yourself.

One way to see if your exercise works is to record yourself using the camera. Use a camera, not just a voice recorder. Not only listen, listen, it is important to see how to speak.

8. Practice with a buddy.

As usual, “practice is beautiful!” And practicing with friends is easy. Find people to practice your pronunciation through people, language exchange and online communities such as Interpal.

Practicing with friends (friends), you will have the opportunity to try everything you learn and learn new things from each other. Plus, it’s fun!

Pronunciation is more important than learning English as a vocabulary and grammar. Thanks to these eight tips, you can immediately pronounce English as a native.


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